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Why Boarding your pet at Menifee Pet Sitting or consider using our House Pet Care Service?


The answer is simple: Genuine quality animal care, respect, private home setting & a full life hands on experience of caring for animals!

We are a real pet lover family and animal advocate. Living in Menifee Valley for over 20 years; we are not in any means a pet boarding facility nor a Dog kennel -nor a Pet franchise with a fancy name.

Animals had been an important part of my life since early childhood; now on my mature years my care for animals remain the same love and respect for animals is and will remain for ever strong.

I had the opportunity in this life to dedicate and devote countless sleepless hours in nurturing back to health pets that crossed my path in life. Thanks to my husband for his understanding I was able to continuing my service helping one way or other to domestic pets, exotic pets and assisting in wildlife rescue. I worked in Animal Hospitals in the Inland Empire, during those years I ended up rescuing and taking 10 pets as part of my family, from a New Zealand white bunny, golden retriever, black Labrador, parakeets, fish... and the list goes on ended up with a Harlequin Macaw and an Umbrella Cockatoo.
Since I left the professional animal care field to start a family and take full care of my son, I missed working with animals so much.

When my son was 2 years old I decided to open my home and offer my “animal care expertise” for pets and at the same time offering my pet sitting service as house visit for pets that are more comfortable in their own home or are unfriendly or aggressive to other pets; this way I was able to enjoy being a full time mom while being surrounded and caring for my clients pets. My son is now older and loves animals as well since he has been exposed to pets since birth; he is my little helper; he is loving, playful and responsible animal care taker assistant.

Most of my pets had now crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they shared a beautiful long life with my husband and I, and he gave us the best learning experience in life about pure unconditional love they were always willing to give... I miss them dearly.


My family is now owned by four mischievous, fun, loving, loud and yes... messy parrots a Harlequin Macaw, Umbrella Cockatoo, a Bueatuful and sophisticated AfricanGray and our latest additon a Sun Conure Parrot... Our Parrots are totally our feathery kids all rescued parrots and they bless our home with their corky parrot humor.

I offer professional pet sitting service treating every animal with love, care and respect.

Hope you give me the opportunity to help take care of your pet in the near future.

Ines Miller
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