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Menifee & Sun City Residents getting ready for Summer Vacation ...

Summer Vacation Pet sitter reservation Menifee California

As the summer season warmly approaches, Menifee & Sun City California residents aren’t exempt   to the most common question lurking  in the back of our minds “where will be taking our family this summer?

Summer Vacations are fun and it doesn’t make much difference if we travel with our kids, our partner or by ourselves as preparations and planning is a must in either situation.

Short or long trip travel require planning and organization from booking a flight, car inspection, traveling funds, proper travel clothes, camera, film, batteries ready and charged, extra memory chip, digital storage as now the famous cloud storage,(drop box, icloud),commonly used now days, lodge reservation, food budgeting, amenities, and so forth.
Our vacation list can go on for ever if we allowed them as the traveling check list can be as complex as you want it to be.

Stress travel is not uncommon while there are hundreds of tiny minor details requiring our attention prior to our travel.

In most common situations you may have someone else observing you, right  by your side  or simply quiet on the background   while going thru all this travel preparations;  but in total awareness of your anxiety and  happy anticipation  for your next trip.
This little critter may be in the form of a dog, cat, bird or large parrots or a combination of all this (and even though parrots are not quiet at all for the most part) they also are susceptible to pet owners anxiety, stress and high emotions around them including environment.

In many cases the stress of travel may not be completely eradicated even when planning small local trips.

As Pet parents we reflect stress in many ways and I said “we” because I am not exempt of falling under this category either.
Despite of having a routine for my pets prior to my vacation trips, I can’t help getting anxious and stressed because of the travel anticipated. Even my Parrot, who is a large Macaw notices it week prior to my departure and starts telling me “ Are you going bye, bye?” My harlequin macaw only tells me this sentence when my trip will be long for some reason thru the years she has been able to detect and be aware of my anxiety to travel and knows she wont be seeing me for several consecutive days.
This of course breaks my heart and creates Pet Parent guilt and anxiety.

Here at Menifee Pet Sitting we completely understand these situations, for a pet parent or animal lover are normal and common.

We understand the pet parents because we also are parents. The pet’s anxiety and stress when they are “human bound” even the small trip is felt by all.
We cater our pet care expertise to your needs we are a family offering our pet sitting service in Menifee  & Sun City California.
We have clients coming as far as Escondido to bring their pet babies with us.
We offer quality genuine pet care while you are away.

We strongly recommend to make pet care – pet sitting reservations ahead of time when possible to guarantee a comfortable pampered place for your pet.
We offer house visits in Menifee, Sun City & Canyon Lake CA.

As rule of thumb, I my suggestion to pet parent clients is:
Once you confirm your hotel reservation, or booked your plane tickets  …give Menifee Pet Sitting  - local  pet sitter a call. Call text or me me.

Our genuine love and pet care expertise of more than 25 years, has sincere recommendations from local veterinarians, bird groomers, pet groomers, (who are also our clients). Positive pet parents feedback and references without forgetting the vital acceptance of our furry and feathery clients shows our true commitment to honesty and integrity at a reasonable price for doing what we love most:
Taking care of your pet (s).

Give us a call or write us for more information.
Schedule a complementary Meet & Greet  - Free of charge and let us help you dissipate your questions and concerns and hopefully reduce your anxiety for leaving your pet behind while on vacation; hence, helping you to enjoy a fun and memorable Summer Vacation!

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