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MENIFEE LIVING - Is your “Pet child” trouble or just Influenced by his environment?

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While volunteering my time in the health office at a local school, I was quite astounded by the "creative ways" children will manage to injure themselves on the playground. I am referring to a playground designed, inspected and approved by adults with child safety as one of the primary goals. While some these playground injuries ran from minor to (in a few occasions) more serious; blaming the infamous tetherball for the incident was at the top of the injury list. The report will read something like: " Playground accident"

The same can happen with our pets as our perceived safest place may set the stage for a serious injury. Quick thinking and knowing what to do can be crucial and even life saving in certain circumstances. You must be able to solve problems quickly to gain control over stressful situations; this can mean the difference between life and death for your pet. Having knowledge in animal behavior, pet education on a vast array of animal subjects, along with handling experience, can make achieving a positive outcome more likely.

We will talk today about our sweet girl “Maybe”. She is a beautiful, healthy, playful greyhound with energetic personality, ready to jump and run at any given moment.
Even though she remains kenneled when her human parents aren't home, during one of my pet midday - potty visits, I found this greyhound severely tangled with what it seems to be some covers or blankets that were covering half of the top of her pet crate; she was really trapped, tied up around her waist and tightening even more with every move she made. She was so frighten than she tried to bite me when I tried to help her and she was also trying to bite her own skin to fee herself as a wounded trapped animal.

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The cover, a sleeping bag of some sort was on top of cage and it was pulled in by “Maybe”, the pet. The synthetic fiber of the cover was pulled off creating a strong tension strap trap as she turned once, then twice around, and around and around again until she was unable to turn any more creating a tight tourniquet around her waist. I was quite concerned because I was unable to get my fingers between the fiber and her skin and she was so frightened she tried to bite me so I knew I had to act quickly!

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Kitchen Turkey scissors to the rescue!!! After several minutes of severe determination, I was able to free her buy cutting back small sections at a time. Then realizing there were two crate covers entangled, a sleeping bag and a green tarp, they were so entangle that scissors had a difficult time cutting through both covers.

Once most of the covers were out of the way on the outside of the cage, I was able to push the remaining material inside the cage to continue cutting. This greyhound was really entangled. I don't know for how long she was wrapped up in this knotted mess; but fortunately, no swelling or tissue damage was visible. This was a major concern of mine as she was biting herself at one point as she was trying to set herself free. 

After clearing away the final strands of the covers, I worked with her to calm her down. After a while, she settled down and seemed extremely grateful before continuing her normal routine including her potty break.

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Of course, once the situation was under control, her parents were notified and all top covers and blankets were removed indefinitely.

The Pet Owner caring for her pet had partially covered the top of the crate so the pet would be nice and cozy. Covering a crate is common practice and good Idea in most cases. So, what went wrong? Nothing really, however, knowing the personality of your pet will help you create a safer environment. This particular pet is a greyhound that is active, playful, raised to run, loves the grass and the sun and everything related to outdoors; hence, crate confinement for her over a long period of time without a toy, small rope or something to stimulate her mind can lead to boredom and the trouble she got herself into.

Most dog kennels on the market today are approved for dog safety; however, I reserve my opinion on some of these confinements, crates and kennels for a later date.

As pet parents, we all know our furry “children” and know what they are able to do in our absence. Don’t mask those pet traits to your pet caretaker; it’s important to make your pet sitter aware and have knowledge of your pet mischievous or active behavior to help preventive events that may arise and minimize emergency cases.  If a situation arises, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your pet sitter is professional, knowledgeable and knows what to do in case of emergencies.

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